Cosmetic Orthodontic Systems

Implement Cosmetic Orthodontics in Your Practice

The KEY to Orthodontic Implementation Success is a Customized Plan

Staff Training

Hands-on and Live Patient Demo!




Participants will leave with PERSONALIZED action plans to implement all aspects of cosmetic orthodontics including:


  • How to budget and create the right marketing campaign for YOUR market
  • How to run Bullet Proof Consultations
  • How to Delegate ANY non-doctor tasks to assistants to maximize overall production while running a General Practice
  • How to Schedule efficiently for YOUR particular situation
  • Learn clinical tips and tricks to expedite treatment times with hands on models and LIVE patient demos
  • Learn to handle patient expectations and complications
  • Learn to diagnose and select cases
  • Learn retention protocols and case finishing
  • Create practice specific lists for supplies and equipment needs


This course, or as I like to call it “Implementation Workshop”, allows the participant to truly immerse themselves and their assistant into the world of Cosmetic Orthodontics.  This is NOT a “big box” sales pitch! This is meant for dentists who want to massively increase their production by doing more ortho in their everyday General Practice with confidence. 


The focus on the specific needs for each participant’s practice in a workshop setting.  They will leave with an individualized action plan to start in their practice on Monday.   The other major difference are the LIVE PATIENT demos and hands on.  Seeing how this is done and actively participating in real patient treatments, participants will get to see all aspects of cosmetic orthodontics such as:


  • Consultation
  • Records
  • Braces on
  • Complications
  • Regular monthly visits
  • Braces off
  • Retainer Protocols


Lastly, we are unique because it is almost mandatory that you bring an assistant to help you through this process.  What we have found over the years is the extreme lack of staff training in orthodontic CE leading to non-use of a very rewarding and productive treatment modality.

NOTE: This is an intentionally small group workshop in order to provide the maximum impact to bring back not only practice specific action plans, but a trained ortho focused Dental Assistant as well. We are NOT a corporation!

Passion Focused Dentistry with Dr. Mike Grossman

Dr. Grossman


Dr. Mike Grossman is a family dentist with a specific interest in orthodontics including comprehensive orthodonticsSix Month Smiles® clear braces, and Invisalign. He has completed a two-year continuum course by the Academy of Straight Wire and Functional Orthodontics, as well as comprehensive training to provide Six Month Smiles and Invisalign.  Dr. Grossman is a former Six Month Smiles instructor; and is now formatting his own hands-on course for dentists, based on his book “Cosmetic Orthodontic Implementation Guide”.  He has grown his family dental practice to be 50% restorative dentistry and 50% orthodontics.  Dr. Grossman has completed hundreds of successful, well documented, cosmetic orthodontic cases.

Dr. Grossman graduated from the University of Massachusetts with his Bachelor of Science degree in biology, then earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo in 2004. He has taken over 200 hours of continuing education courses focusing on orthodontics, including the Powerprox and Inman Aligner series’.

Professional organizations of which Dr. Grossman is a member include the American Dental Association, Fifth District Dental Society, Onondaga County Dental Society, and is the President of the Syracuse Dental Club.

In his personal life, Dr. Grossman’s greatest joys are his wife, Meagan, and their children, Andrew, Lilah, Noah and Owen. They love taking walks as a family with their Beagle, “Winnie.” Dr. Grossman’s other interests are playing the guitar, skiing, and golfing, which he looks forward to doing with his sons and daughter.

The Book Is Just Published!

Getting it Straight: The general practitioner’s guide to cosmetic orthodontic implementation

You’ve taken the class, you’ve learned the basics, but are you ready to start offering orthodontics in your general dentistry practice? How do you talk about cosmetic orthodontics to your existing patients? How will your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule change? What can you delegate to staff? How will you block for imaging or braces on? How can you successfully market cosmetic orthodontics and create a thriving practice? Dr. Michael Grossman of Syracuse Straight Smiles shares his hard-won experience on implementing orthodontics in your practice. In Getting it Straight he gives you the tools you need to create an interesting, challenging and highly productive practice through orthodontics. The book is an in-depth guide to scheduling, marketing, staff training, tools, treatment planning and case presentation. You have the technical skills to offer cosmetic orthodontics. Dr. Grossman will teach you the business and management skills that support and enhance your clinical expertise. Are you ready to reach more patients, earn more money, create more perfect smiles with cosmetic orthodontics?

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